Listen, here’s the thing if you want to be able to make money online and fast you’re gonna need to be able to not only use existing content from other people. BUT you’ll have to be able to use their traffic to our advantage without doing any EXTRA work!

We’re Talking About Extra Profits Like This

We’ve Take content curation and reverse engineered it...from the ground up.

Now you’ll be able to send your visitors to a link on any website you don’t own yourself and display YOUR opt-in form or offer alongside the website content.

So you can leverage their authority to your ADVANTAGE!
Now You Can Go From Content Curation to Curation Profit Control!


Web Stealth

Web Stealth is world's first app that is very easy to set up and get your campaigns up and running quickly, so you can control other people's website content for you own benefit.

With Web Stealth you can

  • Get massive viral traffic from 5 different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest) - no need to rely solely on risky Google traffic anymore
  • You can add your links to these networks directly from your blog’s WP Dashboard - a huge time saver
  • Super Easy setup gets your campaign set up and running in just minutes - so you can start earning fast
  • Build your list with highly targeted content you don’t even have to write yourself - it’s like having a professional writer on staff without the wait or the expense. . .your WordPress dashboard - no complicated tech issues to stress over
  • Two redirect options inside Web Stealth gives you complete control over your visitor’s experience, redirect visitors to any URL of your choice, or display your own custom calls-to-action on the curated content inside an exit pop created within the WordPress editor. . . with your choice of images, headlines or text.
  • Linking out from your own website has enormous SEO benefits in terms of building blog authority and ranking - so why would you choose to redirect from a platform you don’t control yourself? Web Stealth is your clear choice
  • Easy to implement - get your first campaigns up and running in a minute flat so you start collecting leads and getting sales almost immediately
  • Gain full control over your links - because they’re hosted on your own site you don’t need to worry about any funny business from platform vendors. . .
  • Delay option allows visitors enough time to read the article linked to and understand how your related offer in the exit pop helps solve their problems. . . and this sets you sales and opt-ins
  • Web Stealth installs in just a minute from inside
  • Boost your rankings safely with the social signals gained via Web Stealth - never put your site in Google’s crosshairs from risky link building schemes again
  • Your conversions will go through the roof because you can hand-pick content to link to which leads perfectly into your offer
  • If you’re running paid traffic to your links, the delay feature helps in the event of a manual review . . . all a reviewer will see is a helpful article on a quick glance

See Web Stealth In Action

HURRY! Discount Ends Once The Timer Reach Zero

Web Stealth - Unlimited Sites + Developers Rights

This Is 100% Risk Free!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Don’t forget, this discounted upgrade is ONLY available when you get this RIGHT NOW… To make it easy to pull the trigger and get this right now, we’re giving you the next 30 days to try this out, make some easy money, and make sure this is for you.

If this doesn’t make you the kind money we say or you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let us know and we’ll get you a refund.

That means the only way you can lose is by closing this page without upgrading now. Worst case scenario, you change your mind and get a refund. There is no risk!

To Your Success,

OJ James & The Web Siphon Team

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