Listen, I’ll cut to the chase here…
SEO is important. Period. BUT SEO isn’t easy.

It's Time Taking
It's Boring
It's Technical

And most of all, you don’t know if you’ll get any traffic as result! It’s all based on doing the best you can and HOPING it will all pay off!

Trust me, this SUCKS! But I’ve got a better solution for you.

Why no simply COPY what your competitors are doing to rank their websites on Bing and raking in tons of traffic… wouldn’t that be great?

What if there was a tool where you could simply plug in your competitors websites and copy everything they are doing for their SEO and implement exactly the same on your websites... Well, now there is.


Web SERP is world's first app that lets you to spy and copy everything your competitors or top ranking websites are doing for their SEO and lets you replicate the same on your websites so you can easily out-rank them rake in tons of traffic within days.

With Web SERP you'll be able to search, analyze and duplicate the SEO ranking secrets of the 10 top rank sites on Bing and other search engines, then you can use for your own advantage and boost your own site rankings with just a few clicks…

With Web SERP you can

  • Analyze content on top 10 Bing Ranking websites.
  • Analyze Meta data on top 10 Bing Ranking websites.
  • Get content from Meta data or page content.
  • Copy the Meta data to your post title, content, and tags.
  • Copy the Meta data to famous SEO plugins. Now support: All in one SEO, WordPress SEO by Yoast and Optimize Press.
  • Analyze content on any of top 10 Ranking websites.
  • Define default settings to save time.
  • Copy the result to clipboard.
  • Top competition. Limit on how many top competitors to be analyzed.
  • Get Bing keyword suggestion.
  • Get Bing keyword suggestion.
  • Get Yahoo keyword suggestion.
  • Get Amazon keyword suggestion.
  • Extract maximum words.
  • Filter by content words limit.
  • Filter by main keyword.
  • Filter by common words, configurable via settings.
  • Filter by minimum occurrence.
  • Export the result to CSV, excel and PDF.

Check Our Web SERP In Action & How We are out-ranking our competitors day after day

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Web SERP- Press Button Page One Rankings Tool

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